MR Hardwood provides the following services:

Fully Qualified installers to guarantee an expert finish.
Advice on how to acquire the best quality timber, for the best prices.
Our online service is available to provide you with a constant helpline

Email us at any time for a quick, prompt response.

Sanding, refinishing and restoration of existing, aged hardwood floors.
Special features include inlays, steps and mitred borders to highlight features of the room.

From start to finish, dampcourse to refinish, our work can be carried out safely, efficiently and with minimum disturbance.

By contacting us, you can be guaranteed an honest and mind easing experience that will bring you closer to your vison.

Our rates for installing or supplying are more than competitive.

At MR Hardwood Flooring we strive to bring you maximum quality for minimum cost.

MR Hardwood promises exceptional quality, tough, longlasting and for good measure, simply beautiful!